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Support, Educate, and Empower individuals to have control over their own optimal health and wellness through functional, integrative, and alternative approaches.

Please join us on a very important mission to launch a new Foundation helping others achieve optimal health and wellness through functional, integrative, and holistic approaches. We are starting this Foundation to be able to educate others on the benefits of these approaches and on where to locate the resources they will need on their journey. By introducing and educating individuals about these approaches, we hope to inspire them to take back control of their own health journey and to see huge benefits to their health and healing processes. We already have a group of amazing individuals assembled to help us achieve our mission, which include all areas of functional, integrative, holistic medicine and nutrition. In addition, we have insight from individuals that have been on their own wellness journey and have been able to achieve amazing results from these approaches. We will be adding these stories to our website in the near future.

This mission evolved because of someone very important that was able to achieve an inspirational recovery through nutrition and integrative approaches.  Later in the journey, holistic healthcare was recognized to have enormous benefits.  His inspirational story is at the heart of everything we hope to accomplish.

We need your help funding the Foundation so we can develop ways to Support|Empower|Educate (SEE) individuals on the benefits of using these approaches in conjunction with their current healthcare team.  In addition, we will be using some of the funds raised to support other non-profit organizations with similar missions in hopes that we can fund additional research in areas of functional, integrative, and holistic approaches. We cannot execute this very important mission without YOUR support.

BPM Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization

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